The construction of I/11 road Oldrichovice - Bystrice follows the construction of I/11 Nebory - Oldrichovice, and therefore, is a part of the final resolution of linking of the R48 road with the Slovak Republic through I/68 and I/11 road in the area of Tranovice - Mosty u Jablunkova.


The existing road I/11 passes through a built-up suburban area of the city of Trinec and municipalities of Oldrichovice, Lyzbice a Vendryne, to the north of PLA Beskydy. In terms of transportation in the area, the road is utilized by transit and resident traffic. Crossings with other and local roads are level, the whole stretch contains numerous slip roads on adjoining lands and drives to individual objects.


The necessity of the new construction results, also, from an unsatisfactory present condition, including its height and width layout. From this viewpoint, the situation is most critical around a through road in Vendryne, as well as, when riding upwards from the Olza River towards Oldrichovice. These negative factors influence not only the inhabitants, but also the time spent in a vehicle driving and, of course, fuel consumption. As a result, there is a considerably negative impact on the environment.


The I/11 road between Cesky Tesin - Mosty u Jablunkova is the only E75 stretch of a road in the Czech Republic. Herewith, it is the only road in relation to Jablunkov Pass from the Czech side, and simultaneously, the only road leading to Trinecke zelezarny - Moravia Steel. The significance of I/11 road is even higher these days in connection with the launching of automobile factory Hyundai Motors Company in the Moravian-Silesian Region (Nosovice area), and a demand for interconnection with KIA Motors in the Slovak Republic.


The main purpose of the road construction is to transfer the traffic from the existing substandard road with unsatisfactory technical parameters to a new four-lane road. This should result in increased traffic flow and road safety, and bring lower accident rate. The increased traffic flow will have a positive impact on the environment in terms of noise level and exhaust emissions. Resident traffic is secured by means of rerouting of local roads, and in some cases, of field and forest roads as well.